Exclusive O2 Deals for Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon have now launched their first dedicated smart phone in partnership with O2 and it’s looking like a very interesting device!

Red Hot Deals for Amazon Fire

The Fire Phone has now been released on O2 contract deals with the cheapest line rental prices set at £13 for both the 32GB and 64GB editions, you can also pick up a free Amazon Fire phone from just £33 a month which offers unlimited calls and text plus a good 2GB of data.

The Fire phone is also available on Pay As You Go deals currently priced at £399.99

Amazon Fire Phone Deals

Compare the cheapest Amazon Fire Phone deals on O2 today.

What’s it all about?

The new Fire Phone integrates with Amazon on a whole new and unique level, you can simply point the phone at movies and music videos and it will instantly show further information for you!

It’s also a high-end smart phone packing quad-core speeds along with a 13 mega pixel camera and good sized 2400mAh battery underneath it’s 4.7 inch HD display!


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