Pre-Order iPhone 6 Plus Deals – Apple’s Super-sized iPhone 6 Cheap Contracts

Joining the new iPhone 6 is the larger iPhone 6 Plus but this is not simply just a bigger version of Apple latest iPhone, oh no, it also offers extra features!

Apple iPhone 6 Plus deals are now available to pre-order on O2, Vodafone, EE 4G, T-Mobile and Orange contracts as well as Pay As You Go deals and as a SIM free (unlocked to all networks) phone.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus Space Grey Deals

iPhone 6 Plus Space Grey – Compare the cheapest contract deals and buy at the best UK prices.

Plus means More!

So, what’s the difference between the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus?

Well, it’s not an amazing amount but rather some very useful features, first off is OIS (optimised image stabilisation) which makes a world of difference based on Nokia’s Lumia range which has been pioneering this camera technology for some time.

Secondly, the larger 5.5 inch display allows for landscape rotation, something not available on the standard iPhone 6, this allows the app icons to enlarge as well as apps themselves to use this function.

There’s also an ingenious little feature for those that love to use their iPhone one handed (as with all previous models and their smaller displays), a double tap of the home button drops the screen (any screen) half way down the display making everything accessible with one hand!

Aside from these differences the phones look and operate the same, it’s up to you whether you feel these extra features of the 6 Plus along with the larger display are worth the extra money!

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