Birth & Babies


Ensuring the best start for you baby mean they 


Eating well, resting and welbeing


Nutrition, relaxation. Happy mom happy baby

Natural Birthing

We believe that birthing does not always need to be the medical procedure it is often made out to be. There is lot to be said about following your innate parent-knowledge and seeking to empower yourself. It is easy to forget that our bodies are designed to do this almost perfectly, like it happens within the animal kingdom.  Just by being here you are making a wonderful start. You have choices and options and should have complete respect throughout your birthing year.

Gaining support

We can put you in contact with local likeminded groups, we can also give you access to a select few very knowledgeable people including doulas. Having a good support network ensures you will be in the best place mentally which will in turn allow you to make sure your physically doing the best too.

Embrace you down days, let it pass and move on

As humans we are biological built to endure a range of different emotions, this can be difficult for some to manage on the best of days, least of all when you are growing a baby. Rest assured this is normal.

“This planet could be healed in one generaton by healing birth” – Elena Tonneti.