To create a child-led education sounds daunting but try and change your thinking and see it as an adventure for you and your family.

Now you don’t have the constraints of the school run there is no rush in the mornings. No evening rush where you shove something pre-prepared in the oven because you’ve both been working all day.

As part of their education you can prepare meals together, take the dogs for a walk and learn maths by doing the shopping together.

Life is there to be experienced. How can we expect them to learn life skills sat behind a desk?


So many people connect home educating with a lack of socialisation. This is very misguided as most home educators don’t want their children to miss out on having friends. Every county has home educators  – just find your local group (either on our group local to you or on Facebook) and start connecting with them.

If you’ve pulled your child out of school make sure they stay connected with their friends by organising play dates. Find out what after-school clubs there are in your area and join them. The beauty of home educating is your child will have more energy to take these clubs on – if they want to.

Don’t put limits on yourself. It takes time for you and your child to make friends but we’re generally sociable creatures so it will happen. If they’re brought up in a safe, loving, happy environment they will be open and interested children – keen to connect and play with others. 

Schools place children into classes of thirty children the same age. Yet our families aren’t like this so it’s very unnatural to only be around people your age. A well-rounded community has all ages, all abilities – they don’t tell people to stay in their own age specific social group. 

We’re continually adding people to our pages so we are doing some of the hard work for you but it still takes a lot of time and effort to connect with families that work well with yours. 

The beauty of it is that it’s not just your child who comes away with new friends.

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Acting, Singing, Dancing

Stagecoach have franchises all over the UK. They run for three hours either a Saturday or Sunday morning. 


There are football, tennis, squash, running clubs in every county. If you don’t have one in your area for your child then create your own! 


Community drama groups are amazing to be a part of. They are often very open to new members and helpers. Find your local drama club that involves children and again if you don’t have one create your own drama group.

Weekly meets with families are really important to forge strong friendships. Wednesday afternoons are a popular time to get together. We also suggest families keep Fridays free to either relax, get together with others or have a day trip out somewhere. It’s a nice way to ease into the weekend too. 

We are keen to list any clubs you know of here. We’ve only just started our journey so please be patient. Thank you!