We want to see an education system where the focus is on the child's happiness - not on exam results.

Our current education system was created in Victorian times when most people went to work in factories. 

A lot has changed since those times but not much has changed in our schools. 

Anxiety levels are increasing all the time amongst our children yet instead of easing the pressure the government ploughs millions of pounds into mental health support without ever dealing with the cause.

There is so much wrong with our current model – a lack of emphasis on the arts, constant testing, far too much home work and play time restricted to specific times in the day.

We’re labelling our children as naughty, distracted or not having a good attention span and medicating lively ones so they can sit through lessons. How about creating a system where a child is so immersed in what they’re doing they don’t want to be distracted? Why is it that we accept all of us are unique yet our schools treat our children as if one size fits all?

To create a more empowered child we need to start treating them as individuals. We need to listen to their concerns, passions and be guided by them.

There is a place for reading, writing and maths, of course, but there is also a place for finding what they are really good at and what drives them. 

A system at breaking point.

It’s not just children who are feeling frustrated.

Teachers are finding all the marking exhausting and are unable to be the teachers they set out to be.

We need teachers and educators to come forward and create a new education journey for our children. You don’t necessarily need to have a teaching degree  but instead need to be knowledgable about your chosen subject whether that’s maths, philosophy, carpentry, art or bee keeping.

Children love learning. They’re naturally creative and inventive but all that is being drummed out of them.

A new system means no home work because you understand your child needs a break. A new system means taking holiday when you want – not when OFSTED allow you to. There is no uniform to pay for, no rules to adhere to and no painful parent’s evenings to endure.

Every day is full of potential but this can feel incredibly daunting for parents. The key to create a system that is better for all of us is to connect to others in your area. If you have a table with room for four children to sit around host a class or invite a tutor in to teach a small group. Share childcare so one parent can work, one cook and one help with childcare of the younger ones.

Every child has the right to reach their full potential and as parents we all want to do our best to make that happen. 


Together we can create a model where teachers and children thrive.


In an ideal world we would have all lessons face-to-face. However, that would mean missing out on some great on-line learning sites.

As more teachers come away from the system we are sure there will be teachers in your area. In the meantime here are a few of our favourite resources for home learning.

It is generally easier if you sit with your child, particularly at the beginning when they may need your support. However, all of these can be done without too much over-seeing from the adult as there is tutor support for the child.

Child Led

A child lead education means an education tailored entirely to suit your child. The result of which means your child is genuinely unique and no longer expected to fit into a world that only works for a handful of bright, confident, sociable, studious children.

A new system would create independent thinkers, innovators and creators. They would grow into adults who don’t mind speaking out when they see wrong-doings instead of being desperate to fit in and go along with the crowd.

More importantly though a child-led education ensures a happy child. 

Day Trips

Wherever you live there is much more to do than sitting in a classroom every day.

Getting out into a forest, park, stream, going to the theatre or visiting a castle or museum are all much nicer when everyone else is at school!

Visiting places in groups means you can get a home ed discount so long as you call ahead.  Organise a trip yourself and advertise it on our pages or your local home ed page.

There are so many talented people out there offering workshops for children – film groups, stunt workshops, reading clubs. Whatever your child is interested in there will be something you can do in a group.


As children get older it is really important to give them the opportunity to learn away from home.

Due to the current climate many are holding back from doing these things.

We are keen for anyone hosting residentials for young people to connect with us so we can support you and parents. 

Whether your speciality is in music, singing, outdoor skills, sports we are keen to connect with people offering residentials for young people and their families. 

We suggest every family keeps one afternoon a week to meet at a local park and run a physical activities afternoon with other children – sports, swimming, beach combing. Whatever takes their fancy.

It’s also really nice to keep Fridays free to either meet up with other families local to them or go on one of the educational trips on offer in your area. 

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