Children love learning. It’s a natural instinct for a child to want to learn. They will absorb more information if they are learning in a loving, caring, supportive environment by people who feel passionately about the subject they are teaching. 

Our role is to connect you to the educators that will inspire and motivated your child to reach their full potential.




In an ideal world we would have all lessons face-to-face. However, that would mean missing out on some inspirational educators. They are keen to teach people in their local area but also want to offer their services to those who aren’t. Please click on the subject that interests you and find out what is available. Children love learning with others of similar abilities. Therefore, all virtual learning is encouraged to be done with one parent hosting a small session with children whilst others help with childcare and lunch. 

face to face

We have many tutors around the country offering face-to-face lessons and/or workshops. Please click on the subject to see if they are hosting one in your area or contact them directly if you are planning to visit the area. They are also happy to host educational days for families from further afield to make their trip worthwhile.

Day Trips

Visiting places is more fun when done in groups. Whether it’s beach-combing, den building, visiting a castle or museum we have experts who are happy to provide you with guided tours or informative nature trails.

These are also fun to do as a group of families with no ‘expert’. The main focus is on connecting with others in your area in an environment away from home. 



As children get older it is really important to give them the opportunity to learn away from home. Residentials can be incredibly bonding for teenagers. If your child has an interest in music, singing, outdoor skills, sports we have a variety of residentials available. There are options for parents to stay close by too. 


We have a huge range of educators joining us, all keen to offer their expertise. Some are teachers, others are experts in their fields. All of them have a passion to share their knowledge with others.


We wanted families to have access to some of the most passionate educators we have. To do that we have to offer some on-line lessons. This is not necessarily the best way of learning but it is the best way to access vastly experienced educators. Every on-line lesson comes with a worksheet for you to print off or go through at home. We would like parents to use these lessons as an opportunity to work with other families. Children love learning with others and also love seeing their parents learn with them too. If you have the space then please share the lesson with others – it is a far more enjoyable way to learn. No one needs to have done any preparation either!

Useful Links

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Sir Ken Robinson

Best selling author of “The Element” TED speaker, education and creativity expert.

Joinavision’s ethos is about empowering ourselves but also keeping things simple.  Learning is one of the most beautiful and fulfilling things we can do. If your child isn’t keen on that topic there is no need to pressure them to continue with it. It’s vital we find out what subjects fit with our children instead of forcing them to study something we may feel is important to them.


It goes without saying that reading, writing and maths are skills we all but these will be taught in a fun and creative way. You may prefer one teacher over another, just work out which one fits best for your family.


If GCSEs are important to you please contact tutors yourself to see if they can help you achieve them. Our ethos again is returning the power to the family and accepting that we can get by in life without a list of exam results to our name. That is not to discredit the examination process at all – every system has it’s validity. It’s deciding what works for you and your child.


Once your child has got to a certain level in maths and English we can offer them a short test – if parents would like – so that they can go to employers on our database and show them that they have got to a suitable ability to do the job they are applying for.


Our vision is to create a world where children feel empowered and excited by their education. One where they look forward to the lessons, knowing it’s an opportunity to learn in a safe environment with others who are at a similar ability. We want them to find out what subjects really grab them but also make sure they have good life skills too.


This is why we suggest every family keeps Friday free to either meet up with other families local to them or go on one of the educational trips on offer in your area. We also suggest using Wednesday afternoons for outdoor activities with other children – sports, swimming, beach combing. Whatever takes their fancy.


Enjoy looking through our database of educators and have fun learning with your children!