Contracts for LG G4c on EE, O2, Vodafone & iD Mobile – LG’s Cheaper G4

A new model from LG’s latest G4 range has now been released with contract deals, the LG G4c offers a very similar style to the larger G4 but strips back the price with a smaller display and slightly downgraded hardware.

If the LG G4 is just that little too expensive for you or doesn’t quite fit your pocket, then the G4c in metallic grey offers the same curvy design at a much cheaper price.

Cheap deals for the LG G4c in metallic grey, compare the best UK contract deals for LG's smaller G4.

LG G4c deals – Compare the cheapest contract prices today for the metallic grey LG G4c

How much cheaper?

Pay monthly contracts are now available for the metallic grey LG G4c on EE 4G tariffs, O2 plans, Vodafone packages and the new iD Mobile network (formerly Talk Mobile) owned by Carphone Warehouse.

The current cheapest prices for deals including a LG G4c without an upfront cost start at £15.50 a month on iD Mobile, included in the package is 600 minutes of calls and 1GB of data to use every month.

If you’re looking for more, £19.50 will buy you 2GB of data, £26 changes the minutes of calls to unlimited with the same 2GB of data, 4GB of data is available at £29.99 and 6GB at £31 a month.

The LG G4c is also available with upgrade deals on EE, O2 and Vodafone for those that prefer to stay with their same network and keep their mobile number without any hassle.

Great features – Great price

lg g4c metallic grey

lg g4c metallic grey

With a gently curved design, the LG G4c looks sleek. And with a super-responsive screen, two powerful cameras and long-life battery, it’s got more than just a pretty face.

Movies, books and photos all look stunning on the LG G4c. The state-of-the-art screen is bright, clear, colourful and extremely responsive because LG has managed to make it thinner than normal. That makes everything you look at much more lifelike.

Stylish and practical, the body of the LG G4c has a gentle curve that makes it fit perfectly in your hand and gives it an elegant look. The chic design is heightened by the metallic finish and subtle diamond pattern on the back, creating something that looks unique.

Want to get a whole group of friends into your selfies? With the wide angle front camera on the LG G4c you’ll comfortably fit everyone into a shot. And with a 5MP sensor, those selfies will look sharp. Then, when you want regular photos, the powerful 8MP rear camera is ready to snap away.

Spend less time charging and more time playing with the G4c. Its big 2,540mAh battery can stay charged for more than a month when the phone’s on standby. And when you use the phone, everything runs efficiently so you’ll get more than a day from each charge.

Enjoy immersive music and movies thanks to the powerful 1-Watt speaker in the LG G4c. it delivers deep bass and crisp treble in perfect clarity so you can hear every detail of a song or film.

To see all available contract and upgrade deals for the LG G4c in metallic grey, just click the large image at the top of this page.

LG G4c Metallic Grey Gallery

Metallic Grey LG G4c

Metallic Grey LG G4c

g4c 2 g4c 3 g4c 4 g4c 5 g4c 9 g4c 10 g4c 11 g4c 12 g4c 13

LG G4c ceramic white, shiny gold and metallic grey

LG G4c ceramic white, shiny gold and metallic grey

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