LG G4 Real Leather Brown – Compare the cheapest prices

The first of the leather bound editions of LG‘s new G4 flagship phone has now arrived in the UK, featuring a hand-stitched, real leather back case the brown version is one of three colours along with leather black and leather red.

Released alongside the hard-backed models of the LG G4 which feature a 3D diamond pattern in gold, ceramic white and titanium metallic grey, the new real leather editions add an air of opulence at a slightly higher price.

LG G4 Real Leather Brown deals

Compare and buy the cheapest prices for Leather Brown LG G4 contract deals.

How much are the Leather G4’s?

The LG G4 in Brown Leather is the first of the leather edition phones to be released with contract deals in the UK, now available with EE 4G tariffs and the cheapest prices for line rental starting from £16.99.

Contracts offering the leather brown LG G4 with no upfront cost are slightly more expensive than those for the hard-backed grey, gold and white versions with the cheapest deals currently at £36.99 a month as opposed to £31.99.

However, for your monthly line rental you are provided with unlimited calls and 2GB data to use every month as well as £20 of automatic cash back as an incentive.

Leather G4 Features

LG G4 in Real Brown Leather

LG G4 in Real Brown Leather

The LG G4 real brown leather edition comes clad in a hand-crafted, genuine leather cover that offers a kind of fashionable elegance you can’t get elsewhere; the fine craftsmanship almost feels like it’s trying burst through the chic, threaded stitching. Shaped with a slim arch, this mobile phone allows for an easier hold and firmer grip, as well as significantly more durability.

The LG G4 is built with an extremely advanced 16-megapixel rear and 8-megpiaxel front camera. The main unit features an F1.8 aperture, which ensures your photos look bright even in challenging light situations.

A colour spectrum sensor measures visible light before you take the shot, to make sure the end product looks natural and vivid. Manual Mode allows the more seasoned photographers to take greater control over settings such as shutter speed, exposure and level gauge. And Laser AF and OIS 2.0 guarantee that you capture steady photos, quickly.

Thanks to a state-of-the-art 5.5-inch IPS Quantum Display, you can view your content in a degree of clarity and richness, of the like that hasn’t been experienced before. Colours are remarkably authentic, contrast is extreme and images are lethally sharp. With In-cell Tough Display technology, the screen feels pleasantly smooth and responsive against your finger.

Supported by LG UX 4.0, LG G4 is the first mobile phone to boast the enhanced hum-centric user software, which promises to be simpler and more intuitive. Quick Shot lets you capture photos without opening the camera app, by simply double tapping the Rear Key – even while the display is turned off. And the new Gallery app is much swifter to navigate, as it’s now organised based on where your pictures where taken, and what time.

To keep an eye on the latest prices for the LG G4 in Brown Leather as they are launched simply click the large image at the top of this article.

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