4G LTE deals for LG’s budget Leon phone

LG’s latest budget smart phone has landed and offers exciting features inside a ergonomic curved design including fast 4G connection speeds all at an affordable price.

The LG Leon 4G is now available in black and offers quad-core processing speeds alongside clever camera features like Gesture Shot and Touch to Shoot found in the more expensive models like the LG G4.

LG Leon 4G LTE contract deals at the cheapest prices

Compare contract prices for LG Leon 4G deals

Wallet-Safe Pricing

The LG Leon (AKA LG C50 and H340N) is available to buy on EE 4G tariffs, O2 contract deals and Vodafone pay monthly price plans as well as a SIM free handset with no network locks.

The current cheapest deals start from £15.50 a month on O2 but only offer 300 minutes of calls and 300MB of monthly data for the low user, more popular tariffs include 500 minutes and 1GB of data at £19.99 on EE4G and unlimited calls with 2GB data at £26 on Vodafone.

The LG Leon 4G is also available as an upgrade phone with upgrade prices offered on the same networks as previously mentioned.

The lowdown on the Leon

LG Leon 4G black

LG Leon 4G black

From its state-of-the-art screen to its ergonomic curved design, the LG Leon 4G gives a high-end experience for incredible value.

Movies are brighter, games are more colourful and typing is more accurate on the LG Leon‘s screen. That’s because it uses something called In-cell Touch technology. This removes one of the layers you normally find in touchscreens, bringing the colourful part of the screen closer to the glass you touch for a better visual experience.

You can enjoy the best apps and games Google Play has to offer thanks to the speedy processor in the LG Leon. And as it’s a quad core one, the processor’s also really good at multitasking so you can jump between apps really quickly.

Your photos will look great on the LG Leon. On the front there’s a handy selfie camera that uses LG’s Gesture Shot mode. Just hold up your hand and make a fist to activate the shutter. That means you don’t have to try and press a button while holding the phone at arm’s length.

Round the back, there’s a sharp 5MP camera for quick snaps of friends and family. You can touch anywhere on the screen and the camera will automatically focus and take a shot so you can take photos faster.

The body of the LG Leon is gently curved, letting it sit comfortably in your hand. It also has LG’s iconic rear buttons that make it easier to change the volume and lock your phone. And by putting the buttons on the back, rather than the sides, the phone looks a lot sleeker.

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