LG G Flex 2 Release Date & Prices – The Curvy Platinum Silver G Flex2

LG has now released the upgrade to their first ever curved design phone, the G Flex has been reborn as the G Flex 2 and not in keeping with any previous phone upgrade the display has been made smaller!

LG G Flex 2 Deals

LG G Flex 2 Deals

What’s New?

LG G Flex 2In a major upgrade LG’s new G Flex 2 (available in platinum silver and flamenco red) shrinks the screen size down from 6 inches to 5.5 but offers a far better resolution upping it from 720p to full HD (this bring the pixel count up from just 245ppi to 403ppi!), this also allows for a smaller and lighter device overall with dimensions of 149.1 x 75.3 x 7.1mm at its thinnest and 9.4mm deep at its ‘fattest’ and a total weight of 152g down from 177g!

G Flex 2 Platinum SilverThings get even more interesting beneath the display with a 2.0GHz octa-core Snapdragon 810 CPU and an Adreno 430 graphics processor plus 2GB of RAM and 16GB of flash storage! (on the 32GB model the RAM is upped to 3GB!).

The 13 mega pixel camera now captures 2160p@30fps (30 frames per second) video and offers many of the same features as the LG G3 flagship phone with laser autofocus, optical image stabilisation and Gesture Shot technology plus there’s now a dual-LED flash whilst the front facing lens remains at 2.1 mega pixels and shoots full 1080p video.

Further improvements come with the 3000mAh battery that can ‘Fast-Charge’ to 50% in just 40 minutes and a new self-healing coating to the back casing that ‘heals’ even faster than before!

G Flex 2 Prices

LG are pricing the G Flex 2 above the purchase price of the current flagship G3 and even the next G4 making for some pretty expensive contract deals and the likelihood that a free (no upfront cost) phone will cost more than £40+ a month.

This makes for a very premium product although like the original G Flex we expect prices to drop over time with the first curved device now available for free on tariffs of just £33 a month.

The LG G Flex release date is set for January in its native Korea whilst the UK can expect contract deals to be available for order from early February.

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