How do we start creating a world with community, not profit, at its heart?


 Empowering ourselves with knowledge on everything that goes into our bodies is key to ensuring we are as healthy as possible. What we consume has an enormous impact on our bodies. Processed foods, cosmetics, tooth paste and pharmaceuticals  products all contain products that could cause a negative reaction in your body. These may take years to have an impact on your body and you may not even connect the symptom with the cause.

Avoiding products which contain ingredients we don’t recognise is a way of reducing toxins in our system.   

Keep things simple and our bodies will thrive.

Communal Living

The way we live is hugely draining of our time and resources. Communal living is beneficial to children, parents and the older members of the family. So long as you all have the same ethos at heart and are prepared to accept there may be times of conflict this can be a very successful way of living. Childcare and care of our elders are both incredibly expensive and can be emotionally challenging for all parties. Inter-generational living can help to resolve some of these issues.

Whether you are an investor or a mentor we are connecting people who want to change the way they are living.

Grow your own

Over the last seventy years rates of cancer, Alzheimers and dementia have increased on a massive scale. Many Dr’s are linking the rise of these diseases with what goes in our bodies – including the pesticides used on our crops.

Growing your own veg is empowering on many levels. Not only is it a known form of therapy but it is more nutritious and better for the planet. Avoid all pesticides, find natural alternatives instead, ensure you know exactly what has gone on your crop. 

We have a team of passionate gardeners keen to help you with all your gardening questions. 

The rich get richer and the poor stay poor. A very convenient model - for a few.

The centralisation of power has been detrimental to 99.9% of the population. The system is designed to enslave us and give our power to a handful of people. 

We need to return to smaller self-governing communities which are run by the people living in that area. Taxes need to be paid into these communities – none to central government. Only the people in your area really know what is needed and where money should be spent. How many times do you watch while your local council spends vast amounts of money on things you never asked for?

Our world would see money spent on planting fruit trees for the community to have access to and changing grass verges to vegetable patches or re-wilding them. If someone needed financial or emotional support the community would step in. Schools would be run by the community – saving vasts amount of money on the counsellors needed in our current system. Hospitals would be encouraged to do everything in-house, using a more hollistic approach. 

Foraging would be taught from a young age – showing the community how to access free, organic food. 


No money would be spent on war. Pharmaceuticals would be run by the state and corporations that destroy the natural environment would be closed down.

Farmers wouldn’t be allowed to sell products that had toxic sprays on them and would be told to re-wild and plant hedgerows. The community would be invited in to work on the farm during the harvest months. 

Social calendars would be organised with regular activities for young, old, and less-able bodied people. 

Our current society has a severe lacking of empathy – we walk past our homeless and hide away our elderly and vulnerable.

There’s room for everyone in the community – everyone has something unique to bring and everyone is valuable.

The only people we won’t support are people trying to use others for their own personal gain – whether financial or emotional. We will have well trained  community support officers ready to step in to sort out any issues arise. 

A simple more community based approach to life is essential in moving the world forwards to a brighter place for us to live in harmony with each other and nature.

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Darren Deojee

I worked hard and had real personal breakthroughs that lead to the work I now offer others. Going way beyond just embodiment, toward integration – of expression, of connection, of relating, of self. The tools I use are unique to me, and universally useful to any, but I pay homage to my years in the Toltec tradition and practises, fusing both American and African lineages in my life. I have been working with these ways for 25 years. I have been teaching for 13. The methods I use are unique, which is why I tend to refer to my testimonials as to their efficacy. And it doesn’t matter what walk of life you are in, or what level or stage – these will be new to you, they will work for you, and you will be able to bring change and massive insight with them.

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