Our Vision

We want to see a world where good healthcare is accessible to all. You won’t be turned treatment down because you haven’t had a vaccine or PCR test and nurses will greet you with a smiling, caring face. Whether nurse, Dr, surgeon or receptionist everyone will be concerned about your well-being and providing you with the best service possible. ¬†Hospitals will only offer healthy meals using organic ingredients. Smoothies would be offered with supplements that help speed your recovery. Microwaves won’t exist in our kitchen, unless you needed a heated wheat bag.

Our hospitals would be surrounded by trees so that every time you look outside you’d feel invigorated by the natural world.

There would be no mobile phone masts on the roofs and no vending machines along the corridors. The excuse of bringing in money would be dismissed as the focus on healthy patients would always be key.

If medicines are needed we’d talk about the side effects these may entail and offer advice on how to protect your body during the short time they’d need to be taken.

We would love to see every county, state in every country have a hospital with such values but in the meantime we can only picture what this kind of hospital care would look like.