Green Nokia Lumia 930 – Compare the Cheapest Deals

The funky green edition of Nokia’s flagship Lumia 930 now has contract deals available across multiple networks including EE, O2, Talk Mobile, Orange, Vodafone and T-Mobile.

Nokia Lumia 930 Green

Compare the cheapest prices today for Green Nokia Lumia 930 contract deals.

Lumia 930 Green Deals

The cheapest line rental deals available for the green Lumia 930 are priced at £13 a month and a free (no upfront cost) phone can be purchased from £22.50 a month on Vodafone.

These cheapest contract deals to include a free Nokia Lumia 930 green are really for low users only as they include 100 minutes of calls and 100MB of data which will not be enough for many users.

The most popular pay monthly tariffs are actually priced at £28 a month and include unlimited calls and 1GB of data which many average users find is adequate for their purposes.

Nokia Lumia 930 Features:

green nokia lumia 930You’ll want to get hold of the Nokia Lumia 930 because you want an excellent camera on your phone. But the Lumia 930 is also fast and powerful, so if you like playing the odd game, it’s got you covered.

The camera on the back of the Nokia Lumia 930 is one of the best on any smartphone. Not only does it let you take images with incredible high detail, it also uses specially designed parts from professional high quality camera maker ZEISS, further improving how your photos will look. And it’s not difficult to take a photo with the special built in Nokia Camera app. If you’re really into your photography though, there are lots of tweaks you can make to the settings to give you truly outstanding shots.

Whether you want to record video footage from a music gig or want to show friends the atmosphere at a party, the Lumia 930’s video recording is perfect. It records even very loud noises without giving you annoying crackling. It’ll even produce surround sound when you play it back so it’s like you’re really there. And the video quality is excellent. The camera is kept perfectly still inside the phone thanks to some clever technology, so even if you’re moving around, the video will be smooth and shake-free.

nokia lumia 930 in green Music fans rejoice! You’ll get free internet music radio app Nokia MixRadio with the Nokia Lumia 930. It searches through your existing music library to learn your music tastes, then recommends new songs and artists you’ll love. You can download playlists to listen to when you’re not online, and it’ll even find gigs nearby.

When you buy a high end phone like the 930, one of the things you’ll notice is that the screen is much, much better than more budget phones. The screen is quite large at 5″, which means it’s great for watching movies and videos. It’ll also let you show off your photos. It’s also high quality, giving accurate colours just like in real life. And it’s so bright that even in the brightest sunshine you’ll never have to squint to read a text.

You’ll find the Lumia 930 is an easy phone to use thanks to bright colours and big, easy to use tiles on the screen. The tiles act as shortcuts to your apps, but they also show you information like how many emails you’ve got, the weather outside and your next calendar appointment. The 930 lets you open and edit your Word, PowerPoint and Excel files right from your phone, so it’s excellent for work. This is because the 930 has Microsoft Office installed, just like on your PC.


If you’re looking for a phone with a great camera and that’ll give you all the music you want for nothing, you’ll love the Nokia Lumia 930.

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