Samsung’s 128GB Exclusive Blue Topaz Galaxy S6

Samsung has released an exclusive colour scheme for each of its new flagship devices, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge comes in exclusive emerald green whilst the Galaxy S6 is available in an exclusive blue topaz colour.

Like the other black sapphire, gold platinum and white pearl colour versions in the Samsung S6 range, the blue topaz edition is also available with the maximum 128GB of storage for those that need extra for their music collection, media, apps and games.

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128GB of Blue Covered Tech

128GB Samsung Galaxy S6 in Blue Topaz

Samsung Galaxy S6 Blue Topaz 128GB

Exquisitely Crafted. Captivatingly Brilliant.
Samsung have definitely taken a leaf out of the book of glass sculpturing and metal craft. The Galaxy S6 is a stylish all-metal and glass affair. Smooth edges and a brilliant glass finish mean the S6 isn’t just a phone. Design-wise it’s a fashion statement.

Improved Aperture. Clearer Pictures.
Each of the S6’s two built-in high-resolution cameras comes with a f1.9 lens, ensuring razor-sharp and crytal clear pictures. All you need to do to activate the camera is pressing the Home button twice – means you don’t miss out on picture opportunities.

Ultra-Fast Charging.
No need to worry about battery life ever again. The Samsung S6 features ultra-fast charging times compared to its predecessors¹. The wireless charging function lets you pop the handset onto any compatible charger pad to refuel the battery.

Outstanding Performance
The S6 boots twice as quickly as the previous Galaxy S5 and is much more energy-efficient than Samsung’s previous models. 64-bit architecture, LPDDR4 and a state-of-the-art GPU deliver the performance levels required for 21st century multitasking and multimedia connectivity.

Dazzling Display.
The Galaxy S6 comes with a 5.1” (12.95 cm) quad HD Super AMOLED 2560 x 1440 pixel display improving brightness levels and pixel density, providing an unbelievable viewing experience.

Improved Security
Samsung KNOX and a fingerprint scanner prevent any unauthorised use – wherever you go.

Smart Manager
The S6 Smart Manager shows you key information including battery level, memory, available RAM, and phone security settings. The Cleanup function lets you free memory in the wink of an eye.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 in Blue Topaz colour scheme with 128GB memory

Blue Samsung Galaxy S6

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