Tesco Mobile Samsung Galaxy J1 Budget Smart Phone Deals

Going straight up against the popular Motorola MOTO G, Samsung have launched a new budget android smart phone for those looking for a cheap yet stylish handset without all of the ‘bells and whistles’.

Compare prices for the Samsung Galaxy J1, see the best contract deals today

Samsung Galaxy J1, compare pay monthly contract deals and buy your galaxy J1 at the cheapest price.

Budget Prices

The new Samsung Galaxy J1 has today been released by Tesco Mobile across a number of their competitive contract deals with prices starting from just £10.50 a month.

This low-end tariff offers 250 minutes of calls and 500MB of data along with a free (no upfront cost) Samsung Galaxy J1 phone.

If you are looking for more data or calls then £12.50 buys you 500 minutes of calls with the same 500MB data or you can double the data to 1GB on Tesco Mobile’s £14.50 tariff.

Less Gimmicks Save Money

Samsung Galaxy J1 in Black

Samsung Galaxy J1 in Black

Enjoy the beauty, balance and simplicity of Samsung’s Galaxy J1. It meets your needs every step of the way – from the slim and sleek design to the well thought-out features.

Performance is never an issue thanks to the advanced processor. So whether you’re taking selfies or chatting with friends, the Galaxy J1 has the right combination of features for the perfect mobile experience.

Engage Ultra Power Save Mode to extend the life of your battery for longer usage!

Form follows function with the new GALAXY J1. Its rounded edge and slim profile accentuate its simple yet sleek, modern design. It’s stylishly tactile in the palm of your hand. At only 8.9 mm thick, it provides a very comfortable grip.

Taking pictures has gotten even smarter and easier with the GALAXY J1’s camera. Its Palm Selfie function can detect the movement of your hand, so you can easily snap a photo with a simple hand gesture. Also, with its Tap to Take Pics feature, there’s no need to press the shutter button; take photos by simply tapping anywhere on the screen.

Use your GALAXY J1 for much longer with Ultra Power Saving mode. Unnecessary functions are shut down and battery consumption is greatly reduced. Thanks to extended battery life, when your battery is low, you can still use essential functions, like making calls and receiving messages. You’ll have peace of mind even when your battery runs low.

To see full specifications and compare the prices for the Samsung Galaxy J1 simply click the main image at the top of the page.

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