Samsung Galaxy S6 Gold Platinum

The new Samsung Galaxy S6 has been released in four different colour schemes, these are the exclusive blue azure along with the black sapphire and white pearl plus this elegant gold platinum edition.

Offering all of the same market leading features in all colours, the Samsung Galaxy S6 has been released alongside the Galaxy S6 Edge which also comes in a gold platinum finish.

Gold Platinum Samsung Galaxy S6 deals

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Gold Standard Features

Samsung Galaxy S6 in Gold Platinum

Samsung Galaxy S6 in Gold Platinum

So shiny and so good looking, the Galaxy S6 is a full metal and glass goddess with a tip-top 5.1 QHD display. You can even take the sexiness up a notch by going for the dual-curved Galaxy S6 edge for innovative call, message and email functionality.

What an absolute beast the Galaxy S6 is thanks to the latest 64-bit microchip technology. It literally hurtles though information faster than you can say “wow.” So get watching, gaming or browsing in record speed time.

Snap happy? Good cus’ the 16MP rear and 5MP front-facing camera is totally awesome. There’s also Fast Charging technology which lets you watch 2 hours of HD videos with only ten mins charging. Seriously. Also, did we mention that there’s now Wireless Charging?

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