Black Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo Marks the return of the Galaxy S3

Such was the popularity of the original Galaxy S3 that Samsung have decided to reinvent the model with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo in black.

Featuring an almost exact same feature set, the Galaxy S3 Neo offers the latest Android operating system along with more RAM behind its 4.8 inch Super AMOLED HD display.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo Black

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Neo Deals

Now available with contract deals on O2, T-Mobile, Orange, EE, Talk Mobile and Vodafone as well as being offered as a network unlocked, SIM free phone the Galaxy S3 Neo is available as a free handset from just £11 a month. (No upfront cost).

Neo Features:

Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo Black

Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo Black

The Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo isn’t just powerful and intelligent; it’s been designed so it’s intuitive to use, practical and sociable. In fact, you can just talk to your S3 Neo and it’ll handle almost everything you want.

There are no straight lines in nature, which is why the S3 Neo is beautifully curved and smooth. It’s almost organic in feel, with a grippy surface. And don’t forget the screen. At 4.8″ and with HD Super AMOLED technology, it offers fantastic colour, clarity and power efficiency, ideal for movies on the go.

Why not get a response from your phone? Say ‘Hi Galaxy’ and it’ll wake up, ask it the weather and it’ll respond, or even say ‘I want to take a picture’…it’ll open the camera for you instantly. Turn your music down, answer or reject a call, put the alarm on snooze – almost anything you want.

Doing things simultaneously on the Galaxy S3 Neo‘s 4.8″ HD Super AMOLED screen is easy. With Pop Up Play and the powerful 1.4 GHz quad core processor, you can watch an HD video in another window while sending an email or checking sports scores simultaneously. Resize the video, drag it to where you want on the screen, and chat with your friends or surf the web with the video still in view.

You’re reading an article, and the screen dims and turns off before you’re done. Not anymore. With Smart Stay, Galaxy S3 Neo uses its 1.9MP front facing camera to automatically recognise when you’re looking at it, keeping the screen bright until you’re finished and look away.

The 8MP camera has advanced lenses giving your photos ultra realistic colours, and it’ll take a shot from sleep mode in less than a second. The Burst Shot mode takes 20 shots in quick succession, with 3.3 photos per second, excellent for sports and gigs. There’s also automatic face recognition. Your S3 Neo will actually recognise your friends in photographs and let you tag them in one go.

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