Iris Charcoal Black Samsung Galaxy Young 2 Deals

Upgrading the original and popular Galaxy Young, Samsung have now released the Galaxy Young 2 which is lighter, slimmer and offers a larger display.

Contract deals for the Samsung Galaxy Young 2 black at the cheapest prices

Compare the cheapest prices for Samsung Galaxy Young 2 deals

Deals for the Young

The Samsung Galaxy Young 2 is available to buy with Tesco Mobile contracts, Vodafone pay monthly, O2 tariffs and EE deals with the cheapest line rental prices available from £7.50 a month.

For this low monthly price you not only receive a free (no upfront cost) Samsung Galaxy Young 2 phone but also 250 minutes of calls and 500MB of monthly data to use on Tesco Mobile.

If you need more call time then at £10 you can double your minutes to 500 or at £12.50 you can double you data to 1GB a month.

The Young 2 is also available with upgrade deals on EE, Vodafone and O2 for those wishing to keep their number and network provider.

Young Features

Samsung Galaxy Young 2 charcoal black

Samsung Galaxy Young 2 charcoal black

The Samsung Galaxy Young 2 is an affordable phone that’s perfect as a first smartphone. There are loads of cool features, and even some taken straight from Samsung’s top handsets.

Designed for portability, the Young 2 is small and light weight, so it’s easy to throw it in a pocket or bag, and it won’t weigh you down. Despite the small size, the screen is still 3.5-inches, so it’s large enough for photos and videos, and even a decent size for webpages.

Even though the Samsung Young 2 is super affordable, it still has some really handy features. Smart Alert is a feature that vibrates the phone when you pick it up if you missed something. In a meeting and your phone goes off? Just turn it over to mute the ringer.

On the back of the Galaxy Young 2 is a 3.15MP camera, which is perfect for quick snaps when you’re out and about. It’ll also take video recordings, so whether you’re out with friends, out on a day trip or just at home with your family, photos and videos are easy to shoot.

The Samsung Galaxy Young 2 has some impressive hardware, including a 1GHz processor and 512MB RAM. This means you get a faster, snappier phone that’s able to run more advanced apps and better games. It’s also great for multitasking, so you can open up a number of apps at once and switch back and forth.

To compare prices for the Samsung Galaxy Young 2, simply hit the main image at the top of this page.

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