Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge White Pearl

For those that prefer their mobile tech in a lighter colour, Samsung have released their industry-leading Galaxy S6 Edge in a White Pearl colour scheme.

This metallic white model joins three others in the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge range which includes black sapphire, gold platinum and the exclusive green emerald variants.

Samsung Galaxy S^ edge White Pearl deals and prices

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What the S6 Edge White Offers

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge in White Pearl colour scheme.

White Pearl Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Constructed with a slim, seamless metal and glass body, the Galaxy S6 edge offers a unique dual-curved 5.1-inch QHD Super AMOLED display – giving you a new way to quickly check and respond to calls, messages and emails.

When you’re on the go and short on time, the Galaxy S6 edge has the ability to fast charge your battery. You can watch around 2 hours of HD video from just a 10 minute charge – that’s 1.5 times faster than the Galaxy S5.

Capture great selfies, even in low light, with the 5 megapixel front camera or spectacular sunsets and video with the 16 megapixel rear camera. And the Quick Launch feature gives you direct access to the camera in just 0.7 seconds.

With the latest 64-bit microchip technology, the Galaxy S6 edge packs a punch. So whether you’re powering through documents at work or playing your favourite game, it’ll keep up with you at every step.

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