64GB edition Samsung Galaxy S6 in White Pearl

When the 32GB of memory offered by the standard model of the Samsung Galaxy S6 is just not enough room for your music collection, videos and photos then why not double it to 64GB.

For lovers of the white pearl colour scheme of the Samsung S6 the 64GB edition is available to order now with all of the same high-end features and technology as the other colour schemes packed inside its sleek, glass and metal premium white housing.

White Samsung Galaxy S6 64GB deals

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Looking for a Deal?

Samsung’s white edition Galaxy S6 64GB can be connected to 4G tariffs from O2, Vodafone, Three Mobile and EE, for those that don’t like to pay upfront for their phone the current cheapest contract offers a free phone from £43.49 on EE.

The 4G deal includes unlimited minutes of calls and unlimited text messaging as well as an impressive 10GB of monthly 4G data.

Galaxy S6 vs Galaxy S5

64GB Samsung Galaxy S6 White

64GB Samsung Galaxy S6 White

The most obvious thing about the Galaxy S6 is that Samsung has gone with a much more premium design. While its old smartphones were made of plastic, the new Galaxy is crafted from a blend of glass and aluminium. It makes it feel solid and more like a high end smartphone.

Unfortunately, because of the new design, the Galaxy S6 isn’t water resistant like the Galaxy S5.

But the Samsung Galaxy S6 are the first phones to have a processor built on a 14 nanometre architecture. In layman’s terms, that means the S6 is much faster than the S5, yet it still uses less battery. The general rule is the smaller the processor architecture, the more efficient it is.

The efficient processor is great for extending battery life, but the Galaxy S6 have a trick up their sleeves so you can charge them up really quickly too. New fast chargers should give you enough energy in 10 minutes to watch two hours of HD video. And the new phones have built in wireless charging so you won’t have to fiddle with wires all the time. But they don’t come with a charging pad, so you’ll have to buy one separately.

White Samsung GAlaxy S6 64GB

White Samsung GAlaxy S6 64GB

Samsung hasn’t upped the megapixel count for the Galaxy S6’s main camera, the new phones have the same 16MP sensor as the Galaxy S5. But everything else has changed about it. There’s now optical image stabilisation, which keeps the camera steady even if you’re moving, and a super-wide aperture that lets in more light to make night photos look better. Plus the camera will now launch in just 0.7 seconds so you won’t miss a moment.

And as selfies are becoming bigger business, Samsung has given the Galaxy S6 a 5MP front camera, up from 2.1MP on the Galaxy S5.

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