Standard SIM Only SIM Cards – Cheapest Deals

Whether you already have a phone that you love and don’t want to continue paying the monthly line rental costs you first agreed to or you already have a phone and just want to connect it cheaply, SIM Only SIM cards are the way forward for many.

If you don’t fancy paying out loads of money each month just so that you can own the latest phone then take a close look at SIM Only deals where you simply order a new SIM card and can even keep your existing mobile number!

SIM Card Only cheapest deals

Compare the cheapest SIM Only SIM Card deals today and buy yours at the cheapest prcies.

Cheapest SIM Only Prices

The current cheapest deals for SIM Only SIM Cards start from just £5 a month offered by both GiffGaff and Three Mobile, the first offer two tariffs, one with 500MB of data and the other with 60 minutes of calls, 300 text messages and 20MB of data.

Both of these deals are most definitely for low users or to throw into an ’emergency phone’.

By paying an extra £2.50 you can enjoy a little more at £7.50 with a choice of 200 minutes, 5000 text messages and 500MB of data with Tesco Mobile or 1GB of data with GiffGaff and Three Mobile.

For those looking for more data, there’s 2GB available at £11 a month with Three Mobile alongside 200 minutes of calls and unlimited text messaging … remember that you can also use your calls abroad now too!

For even more data, Tesco Mobile have a deal at £15 for 4GB, Three Mobile offer 10GB at the same price or there’s always ‘All You Can Eat’ unlimited data from Three with deals starting from £17.

What is a SIM Only deal?

SIM Only SIM cards on All Networks

SIM Only SIM cards on All Networks

These are essentially mobile phone contracts, lasting either 12 months or 30 days, but you don’t get a phone as part of the deal. They’re aimed at people who want to either use their existing phone or buy a new phone outright and typically offer more minutes, texts and data than Pay As You Go (PAYG).

Because they don’t include a subsidy for the phone, these deals are cheaper than normal Pay Monthly contracts – typically starting from as little as £5, but offer similar amounts of data, minutes and text.

If you already own a handset that you love and you are used to and you simply do not want to have a new one, then getting a SIM only deal might be the perfect option for you. SIM only tariffs are a good choice for those who are looking for low cost packages with lots of minutes and texts inclusive and/or generous data allowances. Generally speaking, SIM only deals can be up to £20 a month cheaper, of course, if you choose wisely. Or in other words, one can save up to £240 a year on a good SIM only tariff.

To compare the cheapest prices today for SIM only SIM card deals with and without a contract simply click on the main image above.

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