Sony Xperia Z3+ Contracts

Sony has now upgraded their best-selling Xperia Z3 with the new Xperia Z3+ (plus) that’s lighter and slimmer than the previous flagship and also packs octa-core processing speeds and a new wide-angle front facing selfie camera.

Cheap deals for the black Sony Xperia Z3+ (Plus)

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Z3+ Contract Prices

The black Sony Xperia Z3+ is now available to order on EE 4G contract deals, Vodafone pay monthly price plans and O2 tariffs as well as being offered as an upgrade phone on the same networks.

If you’re looking for the cheapest deals to include a free Sony Xperia Z3+ (with nothing to pay upfront), these start from £40 a month on Vodafone and include unlimited calls and 2GB of data to use each month.

Pay monthly contract tariffs for the Xperia Z3+ actually start from £25 a month so long as you don’t mind parting with some money upfront for your new phone.

If you would rather stay with your same network provider and keep your existing mobile number then upgrade deals for the Sony Xperia Z3+ are available on O2, EE and Vodafone.

Upgraded features

Sony Xperia Z3+ (Plus)

Sony Xperia Z3+ (Plus)

The new Xperia Z3+ from Sony is not only jam-packed with new top of line tech, it also looks great, too. At just 6.9mm thick and weighing in at 144g, the super-slim handset is a true all rounder.

The Sony Xperia Z3+ is 6.9mm thick, weighing in at just 144g. The reduced weight and size make for a very comfortable handheld experience, but that’s not all. A 64bit octa-core processor is on board to look after all your multitasking needs, too.

The return of the 20.7MP camera with 4K video recording from the previous Z3 is always good news, but the headline is on the front of the Z3+. The 25mm wide-angled 5MP front-facing camera is perfect for getting the whole gang in the frame.

With the inclusion of fast charging you can enjoy over five and half hours of power from a mere 10-minute charge. If that’s not enough STAMINA Mode will extend a full charge to over two days, so being caught short with a dead battery will be a thing of the past.

Just like its predecessors the Xperia Z3+ is completely water and dustproof, certified as IP68, and now without a cap over the USB port. This means it will be quite content being submerged to a depth of 1.5m for up to 30 minutes.

To compare prices and save money on Sony Xperia Z3+ deals just click the main image above.

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