Sony Xperia Z3 Plus (Xperia Z3+) Aqua (Ice) Green – Sony Z4 in Asia

The third colour scheme of Sony’s Z3 refresh has now been launched, the Sony Xperia Z3+ Plus (which is known as the Xperia Z4 in Asia) is now available in black, white and this third ice green finish.

The ice green name has been assigned by The CPW Group who have secured the exclusive rights to sell the green Sony Xperia Z3+ in the UK, this particular colour scheme is actually officially called the aqua green edition.

Sony Xperia Z3+ Plus Ice Aqua Green cheap contracts and prices

Compare cheap contract prices for the Aqua Ice Green Sony Xperia Z3+ Plus

Exclusive Deals

Consumers can now buy the Sony Xperia Z3+ Aqua (Ice) Green with EE4G contracts, Vodafone deals and O2 pay monthly tariffs as well as with upgrade deals on the same networks.

If you don’t mind paying upfront for your new phone then the cheapest pay monthly contract deals currently start at £25 a month, however if you prefer to not outlay any money then free Sony Xperia Z3 Plus green deals start from £40 a month on Vodafone.

Those looking to upgrade on either EE, Orange or T-Mobile are slightly better off with EE upgrade prices for the green Sony Z3+ slightly lower at £36.99 a month.

Sleek, lightweight and fast

Sony Xperia Z3+ (Plus) Aqua Green / Ice Green

Sony Xperia Z3+ (Plus) Aqua Green / Ice Green

The Xperia Z3+ is slimmer than ever at just 6.9 mm, and incredibly light in your hand. In fact, if it wasn’t so nice to look at, you could almost forget you were holding it.

The Xperia Z3+ carries the renowned waterproof design, so you can meet the day head-on – no matter what kind of day it is. The IP65/IP68 rating means downpours aren’t a problem. Nor is sand, spills or an accidental dip in the sink.

The Sony Z3+‘s camera excels where other smartphone cameras disappoint. Indoors, at night, or when the sun’s behind your subject. With the best Sony camera technologies, your shots end up clear and sharp no matter where you are.

Get directions at midnight, marathon-watch your favourite show, or skip the charger in your overnight bag. The Xperia Z3+‘s incredible battery life brings you up to two days of power, so you can do more with every charge.

To buy your new Sony Xperia Z3+ in ice green, simply click the main image at the top of this page to compare the cheapest prices today.

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