4G Deals Launched for the new Sony Xperia E4G

Sony have now released their 4G edition of the affordable Xperia E4 which has been thoughtfully named the Sony Xperia E4g!

This new Xperia smart phone offers the same great features of the original E4 but adds in LTE 4G connection speeds to eradicate annoying buffering issues.

Contract prices for Sony Xperia E4g

Sony Xperia E4g – Compare the cheapest prices for the latest contract deals.

4G Contract Prices

The black edition Sony Xperia E4g now has contract deals available on EE, O2 and Talk Mobile with line rental prices starting from just £11 a month.

For those that do not like to pay anything upfront when purchasing their new phone then pay monthly tariffs start from £14 a month on Talk Mobile offering low user allocations of 100 minutes of calls, 5000 text messages and 500MB of data.

For those that use their phones heavier for data there’s a tariff priced just above this at £15 a month which ups the data to 1GB per month and increases the call allocation to 500 minutes.

Xperia E4g Features

Sony Xperia E4g

Sony Xperia E4g

The hardy Xperia E4g is everything the  Sony Xperia E4 is but with super-fast 4G connectivity. Enjoy smooth YouTube videos and uninterrupted music, with the fastest internet connection.

It’s all in the name. The Sony E4g comes with superfast 4G connectivity, which means you can wave goodbye to those infuriating buffering screens. Whether you love watching films online, or streaming the best new albums on Spotify, the E4g allows you to do it without interruption.

The Xperia E4g’s impressive 4.7-inch qHD display is perfect for enjoying films and games alike. With 4G they’ll run really smoothly, and thanks to Sony’s inbuilt audio technology, sounds will always be crystal clear.

Switch the style of your Sony Xperia E4g by changing the display. You can choose the interface that suits you and put your favourite apps and most used features right where you want them. Get it the way you like it and make your life easier.

For a relatively small phone, the Xperia E4g has a good-sized battery at 2,300mAh. This means that if your big day out turns into your big night out, you’ll have no trouble calling a cab in the middle of the night.

To extend your battery life, switch on STAMINA mode. It turns off apps and functions when you’re not using them, but still lets you receive calls, texts and notifications.

With Xperia Transfer, you can take everything you loved on your old phone with you. The E4g has Transfer built in, and which enables you to transfer the stuff that matters, like photos and contacts, quickly and easily.

Got a playlist to be proud of? Share your music with your friends and family, instantly. The Sony Party Share app from Sony lets anyone share their music through your phone via WiFi, directly with everyone else. You can also use it to collect and share your pictures. Take photos on the 5 mega pixel camera, and use Party Share so show them to everyone.

Finally, with the Xperia Lounge, you get exclusive access to competitions, prize giveaways and Sony-produced features like films and albums. It’s free to get involved, and it’s already installed on every Xperia smartphone.

Compare the cheapest prices for Sony Xperia E4g deals by clicking on the main image at the top of the post.


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