From pre-conception to post-death the whole system needs to change. Our toxic environment is leading to a host of health problems that we’d never seen before.  
Before the land was taken from the aborigines they died of natural causes or fighting. They looked after their health and their beautiful teeth reflected this. Nowadays their dental health is poor and their biggest killer is diabetes. 
All around the world land has been divided up and handed to a select few – driving humans into poverty and forcing them into the monetary system. They lose the knowledge of the land and give their children to an education system that fills their brains with facts they’re unlikely to ever need.
These children fall into jobs they don’t like, saving for their retirement then sell their houses to fund their care in the latter part of their life. We’re on a wheel that we can’t stop and we cannot go on like this any longer.
Our frantic lives lead to cutting corners on our health – why cook from scratch when you can buy ready made meals or grab a take-away? These cheap food products often lead to some form of inflammation in our bodies. We’re offered pills to alleviate the symptoms but never told how to find the cure. Our crops are sprayed with toxic chemicals, toys, gadgets and clothes are being pumped out in vast quantities then marketed to our children.
They don’t want you to stop consuming – they want you to consume more.
We’re told to have less children – to be kind to the environment by making sacrifices. Yet the super rich are still allowed their private jets, yachts and several houses with all the staff that goes along with them.

Everything needs to change.

Whether it’s watching the news, reading a paper or listening to the radio – the media is very good at projecting an image of fear; fear of terrorism, fear of other races, fear of a getting ill. Not only does fear lower our immunity but it also distances us from our fellow human beings. We view them with suspicion and distrust. 
The system is never going to change – it demands your attention and thrives when you give your energy to it. It is a beast that never stops being hungry.
Challenging that system is frustrating, draining and at times feels utterly hopeless. It’s because of this sense of helplessness we decided to focus on creating a new model for society. A more inclusive one. A kinder one to ourselves and our planet.
Our focus is on creating local communities of like-minded people actively seeking change to share information and skills that benefit and connect all generations. We need to unite and stand together – just like we used to when we lived in tribes.

Never forget that you, as an individual, are powerful. If you’re seeking change you need to create change too.

We’ve given ourselves to others for far too long. Now is the time to tap into our own inner power and realise our full potential in every sense of the word.

This really is OUR time.


Just imagine what an incredible world together we can create... and then make it happen.

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