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Money makes the world go round...

Even though we seem to accept we live in a capitalist world we have a distorted view on money when it comes to generating our own.

We blindly give our hard-earned money to huge faceless corporations such as Costa, Starbucks, McDonalds and Primark but walk past the small, independently owned ones dismissing them as too expensive. 

The wealthy keep their money within their own circles – we need to do the same.

No one wants to support the current monetary system but for the time being let’s think of money as an energy exchange between like-minded souls.

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Herbs are good

We offer individual herbal products made from practitioner quality herbal tinctures. We also sell traditional herbal mixtures and supplements.


I am a health and nutrition coach and former competitive athlete with a background in pharmacy who specialises in improving people’s health through diet and lifestyle changes. Reclaim your health.

Susanne Erricker

My top priorities are to help my clients focus on physical health and mental wellbeing, from a perspective of prevention rather than cure

The Little Green Cream Company

As the name suggests, The Little Green Cream Company is small and green.  All of my ingredients are friendly to our environment, GMO free, not tested on any animals and contain no animal products other than beeswax used in the barrier bars and some of the balms. All of my creams, face oils and the vegan balm are vegan. The barrier bars and organic balm both contain beeswax, so are not vegan but are suitable for vegetarians.

Moani Nature Shop

is created with passion and love for Mother Nature. We try to promote brands in the spirit of: Cruelty Free, Vegan Frendly and Zero Waste. We love and respect Mother Earth and use the goodness she has bestowed on us. All our products are natural, ecological, hand-made and in harmony with nature.

No matter where you are from or where you live, our products will be sent exactly where you need them.


Go Plant Based

Online hiit classes perfect for beginners – get moving from your own home! Your first class is free so join today! High intensity 30 minute workouts designed to push your body into the cardio zone. This virtual class will get your heart beating, your body sweating and your breathing rate incresed.

Make It Wild

Sustainable and Eco Friendly Products. We give back to nature.


Professional landing pages and websites.
Immersive web experiences.

Yogi Online

I teach a powerful thing called Kundalini Yoga.

Life throws the curveballs, and we need to be able to respond skillfully – the question is, how


Spirit Level

Helping you escape mind - trials and issues to achieve everything your heart desires with full sovereignty.

Tulsi Sana Holistic Health

Here at Tulsi Sana Holistic Health, I use a combination of Medical Astrology and Ayurvedic nutrition to assess your overall physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being before formulating a personalised treatment plan.

House of Lavene

The House of Lavene has a completely new approach to creating designer knitwear. You can purchase items or learn to make them yourself.


Mick Johns Garage Services

Friendly & Personal Service

High Standard of Workmanship Guaranteed

Cars, Vans, Motorcycles

Modern & Classic 

Home and Honey

Candle Gifts.

Candle ideas.

Christmas Gifts.



Lydia Boggis

Holistic massage therapist, fully qualified and insured.
mobile massage service.

Bright Presence

Each of these products has been chosen for their multifaceted benefits and uses. Few products in the world can claim such a spectrum of impressive applications as our chosen product lines. Our main products are rock-solid cross-industry globally acknowledged, and respected, for what they do. .

Vegans need look no further as ours is the only readily available vegan friendly complete essential amino acid blend currently on the market too!

Venetia Campbell

I help adults who are suffering from stress, fear and anxiety to find clarity, calmness, and peace of mind during these rapidly changing times.

SMTB Skills and Performance

Hi all My name is Steve, I am a qualified Level 3 MTB trained. Since gaining my Coaching Certificate I have been busy coaching, helping out at the Olympic Park MTB course at Hadleigh Farm, Phoenix Cycleworks and Twisted Oaks. I have also been involved with coaching the under 12’s at MSG, and on top of that I have been involved with the Eastern Region Under 16’s Coaching.
This is the Facebook Group to be in if you have any coaching needs or have a problem that needs resolving regarding mountain bikes and riding.





Fiona Campbell

I am passionate about healing naturally, and supporting people on their journey to greater health by working with where they are to create more space and energy for healing.

In Perfect Harmony

A range of Holistic treatments including Reiki, Reflexology, Massage, Alchemy Immersion and more.



Magical Baby Moments

Congratulations! If you have come across the site, the chances are that you’re pregnant. You may be looking for an antenatal class or tips and guides to help you through your pregnancy, birth and beyond. You’ve come to the right place!


Janine Patching

Biofeedback, Subtle energy medicine, Reflexology, Nails, Tarot. Local to Essex.

North Wales

Based in Anglesey, North Wales. Sharing the gifts of the horses “You will know the feeling of coming home, to you.”

West Sussex

My name is Tracy, founder of Tremarie Therapies. I offer a range of Holistic and Healing therapies to help calm and balance your mind, body, and soul.

I provide my therapies from my calm and relaxing therapy room in my home in Yapton. I am not only passionate about helping my clients to feel relaxed but also helping them to work towards a place of peace, harmony, and healing. I have for many years favoured a holistic approach in my healing journey and have sought out various holistic therapies to help with this. My own favourite therapies are Reflexology, Indian Head Massage and Reiki. I really believe we all have more power inside of us to heal than we know. Myself, I am continually on a journey of discovery and healing.


Lesley MacCulloch

I guide people into their soul, their own unique essence, where they are no  longer captive to their unconscious fears, desires, shadows and reactions. I help people to realise and embrace the truth of who they really are.


Curvy Girl Yoga

Created by Devaki, Curvy Girl Yoga (CGY) offers a safe, supportive environment for all who identify as a woman & are size 16 or more to practice yoga.

Curvy Girl Yoga is, however, more than just a yoga class.

It’s a welcoming & friendly community of women who come together to share, to support each other & to celebrate our bodies. 


The Riverside Deli in Barrowford  specialises in takeaway food of exceptional quality, wraps, stews, curries and sandwiches, all of which demonstrate the incredible range of options available using only vegan and vegetarian ingredients. You can also purchase products online.


Natural Mindfulness

I am Ian Banyard and I’m passionate about sharing my love of nature connectedness. In 2014 I started guiding my own nature-based, wellness walks in the English Cotswolds an area of outstanding natural beauty here in the UK.


Marcus Bailey Magician

I offer a Personal, Memorable, Experience at YOUR event.

Weddings, parties and other events.


Sorsha Seven is a professional wedding and event singer, with over 10 years of experience, singing at weddings and events across the UK and internationally. She prides herself on making each performance personal and unforgettable.