Community living

Happiness is not so much in having as sharing. We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

~Norman MacEwen ~

Maybe our ancestors had it right?

For thousands of years humans have lived in tribes or small close-knit communities. This way of life supports the young and cares for their old but is now foreign to most of us. 

The way we currently live is a drain on every single level. We have to work longer hours to pay the bills, be away from our children to pay for their childcare and sell our houses to pay for care in our older years.

Parents are stressed by trying to cope alone and older people are left completely isolated.

We love inter-generational living – so long as it works for that family. Sadly, a model that was so effective for thousands of years, has become incredibly difficult with family relations breaking down for various reasons. 

Therefore we need to look at things differently and reach out for others who see the world in the same way and want to live with others. 

Shared bills means less out-goings, more savings. The result being we can work less hours and spend more time with our families and doing what we love!

By living communally you can contribute to the garden, look after any animals and cook meals together.

As long as you’re happy to deal with the slight complexities that living together may bring, communal living has to be a better way for us tribal creatures to live. 

Taking Action

Communal living doesn’t just have to be living in a commune, dancing naked round a fire! 

It can be renting your spare room or studio out to a like-minded person.

It may mean clubbing together to buy local land to grow your own veg or allotment sharing. 

Another option can be joining forces financially and buying up a larger house with land.

It can also mean re-claiming some private land that has been left untended. 

It can be as big or as small as you want. It’s important not to be restricted in your vision.

There are many routes you can go down.

Our job is to connect you to the right people to make your vision happen.


Our job is to connect you to the right people to make your vision happen. Please join our FB group to get started on a new way of living and see where the new journey takes you.

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