Small Changes

Small changes

Tips for a Healthier Life


Avoid all big brands. If it’s made in a large factory it tends not to be the best for our bodies. Preservatives have been added to increase shelf-life and often a lot of sugar and salt too.


Avoid all big cereal companies for the same reason. These give our children massive sugar spikes then huge sugar drops, which means fatigue, not long after consumption.


Do your own research! Don’t take anyone’s advice until you feel sure it is right for you. Make sure all your research isn’t funded by people of corporations who are set to benefit financially from the results of the study you are reading.


If you are prescribed medication ask your Dr about all the side effects and how they could impact you. Look at our database of healers and see if there is another way before committing to medication. After speaking to the professionals continue to do all your own research before committing to one method.


Don’t read the papers. Bad news lowers our vibrations, trapping us in a cycle of fear.


Turn off all screens during the day – unless for educational purposes.


Turn off all screens by 9pm at night and restrict them to two hours at a time. Screens are causing a host of eye problems as our eyes adjust to focusing on shorter distances for long spells at a time.






It’s ok to feel sad – our brains are often at their most creative times when they are sad. Just go with it.


Reach out if you can’t lift yourself out of feeling low. People want to help.



Sing! Singing is a fantastic way of raising your vibrations. Even better when you sing with others – even if it’s only one other person!


Get out with nature. It’s free and the most stunningly awesome creation we have access to daily.


Make new friends. We don’t have to change ourselves to fit in with those around us. There are others who will accept you for who you are – they may just be harder to find.


Be happy with who you are!

We have wellness sessions for everyone

So many of our members say constantly that the wellness sessions and meets have been crucial to their mental health during these times, there is something for everyone and if something is not local to you then most are very easy to arrange locally to you

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