Matt -Philosophy

I’m a writer, teacher and artist. I have been involved in mainstream education for over 20 years and I have come to a realisation that we are utterly failing to truly educate our children.
Because of this myself and a group of like-minded souls are embarking on a new venture as we believe the standard educational system is no longer tenable.
Our vision takes into account the reality of our nature- we are embodied souls who need to feed on the Good, the True and the Beautiful as much as we need physical food and drink. When we deprive our children access to these transcendent realities we create spirit-starved people who are unable to live meaningful lives, let alone to flourish.
The diagnosis is one thing and the cure is another. But we have to get the diagnosis fully correct in order to get the therapy right.
If you have ever attempted to grow things in a garden you will understand the problem here – unless you pull weeds out by their roots you do not get rid of them, they just regrow from where they were pulled off. Sometimes the roots are very deep and tenacious. The roots of our current situation spread very far and deep.
Most people who have come to the realisation that the current educational system is failing their children also realise that the problems are very deep and penetrate every area of our lives from health to the way we live together and our whole belief systems about what constitutes reality.
One easy way to see this is in terms of ‘capture’. Over the last 20 or 30 years we have seen institutions that are ostensibly there for the common good being captured by powerful interests.
For instance, the healthcare systems are increasingly captured by big Pharma, or are hired out to companies that only care about profit.
Or farming and agriculture where increasingly it becomes more difficult to be a small or medium sized farmer as big agribusiness takes over and creates monocultures and food deserts.
Old political identifications of Left and Right also become meaningless as powerful interests capture government, giving merely the appearance of political choice.
We could go on. The diagnosis is a problem as old as humanity – the pride which makes us grasp and attempt to control every area of reality. We live in a technopoly and are governed by technocrats- agents of the Machine who will trample on freedom and everything which makes us human in their attempt to bring a totally-planned world into existence.
Our children are not going to be the victims of this Machine. We are giving them the best we can give, to help create wise, empathetic and skilled human beings. That means rethinking how we allow curiosity and discovery to be a part of education again.
So we have seen and heard enough. We know now that the moment has been given to us to take things into our own hands. If you want to be a part of the future we are creating then get in touch