Stop and Search

When talking to the police it is important to remember they are only human, just like you and I. When they started out the role they went into it with the best intentions, some however get lost within the power. Keep control of the situation by keeping calm and learning your rights, so you feel informed rather then vulnerable. 

1. Keep calm, be patient and avoid any verbal abuse, this is only likely to escalate the situation. Treat this exchange like any other conversation.

2. You do not have to give your name or address. You don’t have to stop or answer any questions. If you don’t and there’s no other reason to suspect you, then this alone can’t be used as a reason to search or arrest you.

3. Ask “on what grounds?” you are being stopped and ask “what do you suspect you will find?” the places they search should match what they are looking for.

4. Make a note of the officers badge number and and take note of the location and time/date, incase you want to make a complaint later on. You should also receive a search record if you don’t make sure you ask for one, if one is not available for some reason, find out where you can get it from at a later date.

5. Check that the reason provided by the officer matches what it says on the search record.